mandag 30. august 2010


Photo Anne Valeur

Monday. Dinner. Wine. New week. New inspiration. And soon a new song.

I´m losing my mind because of you.
I´m losing the sense of a possibility
when you look at me.

I´m losing my hands because of you
I´m losing my sense of a chance
when you touch me

this is my way of showing a state of a blushed mind.

I´m losing my dearest because of you.
I´m losing my feeling
when I´m with you.

I´m losing this because of you
I´m losing the nearness of me
when I think of you.

this is my way of showing a state of a blushed mind.

but I love, love love. So i´ll keep it going.
keep it going because I love

this is my way of showing a state of a blushed mind.
this is my way of showing a state of a blushed mind.
this is my way of showing a state of a blushed mind.

søndag 29. august 2010

lørdag 28. august 2010


Photo Julie Chiku

1. Ida & Johanne
2. pancakes on a tuesday
3. books and newspapers
4. hits
5. take away coffee
6. Mari & Anne
7. late nights
8. dance
9. love
10. music

onsdag 25. august 2010


photo by manatee momma

In New York we saw Natalie do a performance in a small apartment in Brooklyn. Check out her inspiring music: UNICORNICOPIA

lørdag 21. august 2010

Mmm... Saturday night...


On Thursday it was a release at Internasjonalen. ENO - a new Norwegian music magazine. Tons of people, beer and magazines everywhere you turned. It looks really great! It is so cool with a proper Norwegian music magazine that represent good Norwegian music. Nice work! Mmm... is looking forward to the next release. This is smelling goddamn great!

First, there were three concerts:
Carmen Hillestad
I was a king
Lucy Swann

and after that it was time for DJ Hele Fitta og DJ Luke Jaywalker.

We love Lucy Swann so if you have not heard of her, check this out:

torsdag 19. august 2010

Late summer days.

Photo Anne Valeur

Last night we went to Audun Mortensen´s release
for his new book "Roman" at Galleri Lautom. Hanne Hukkelberg and Svarte Greiner were playing two really different solo-set and both were greate. Lots of lovely people and Dj Bård was making the night complete. We ended it in Ida´s kitchen making pancakes and listen to jazz.

Oslo is calling again. A new music magzine ENO has a release at Internasjonelen to night. See you there.

onsdag 18. august 2010

We wish Oslo was like this:


Today Johanne stopped by the magnificent Stian and learned a thing or two about our new music software. In the mean time Ida was decorating her keyboard with lovely mirror mosaic. DISCO ! ! !

Oslo is sultry these days, so we stay in. Eating fish cakes, drinking ice tea and watching a good danish serie ”Forestillinger”. We recommend! We love Per Fly!

tirsdag 17. august 2010

mandag 16. august 2010


Photo Roffe

Mmm... says hello! We are gonna keep you updated with our music and inspiration here.
Check us out on myspace:
Tomorrow we are going to our friend Stian and get the new gadgets and make some hits.


Photo Anne Valeur